NutriFlex stands at the forefront of holistic pet nutrition and is dedicated to elevating the health and well-being of pets across the globe.

Our dedicated team of veterinarians, nutritionists, researchers and animal lovers brings together cutting-edge science, innovation, and care to deliver effective, scientifically validated natural alternative pet supplements that make a genuine difference.

NutriFlex is more than just a brand; it promises to provide your cherished pets with the premium nutrition they rightfully deserve.

Trust NutriFlex because we recognise that your pets are more than just pets—they're family. Their health and longevity are our priority and passion.

How To Give Your Pet Supplements

How to Give Your Pet Supplements

Want to get your furball started on pet supplements, but they won’t take it? Ensuring the health and well-being of our pets is a top priority for many […]

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Is Maltodextrin Safe For Dogs? Spoonful Of Maltodextrin

Is Maltodextrin Safe for Dogs

In 2017, AAFCO (the Association of American Feed Control Officials) approved the use of maltodextrin in pet foods, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies it as […]

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Underwater Sea Kelp Forest

Is Kelp Good For Dogs?

Understanding the Benefits and Uses of Seaweed for Your Pet   Did you know that kelp, a nutrient-rich type of seaweed, can offer incredible health benefits for your […]

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Ascophyllum Nodosum For Dogs And Cats Tartar Buildup On Dogs Teeth

Unlocking the Benefits of Ascophyllum Nodosum for Dogs

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the dental health benefits of seaweed for dogs. In this article, we’ll explore the world of Ascophyllum Nodosum, exploring its nutritional profile, […]

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Human Food Grade Pet Supplements Dog And Cat Mealtime

The Human-Grade Dog Food Difference

Delivering Exceptional Human-Food-Grade Standards for Animal Supplements   At NutriFlex, we uphold stringent standards for food safety and nutritional integrity. We steadfastly believe that pets deserve only the […]

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Dog Joint Care: Empower Your Pooch Through Every Stage Of Life

  Dog joint care is ideally initiated from a young age. While puppies may be full of boundless energy, breeds susceptible to future joint problems benefit significantly from […]

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Dog Supplements For Prenatal Pregnant And Nursing Canines Jack Russell On Blanket

Dog Supplements: For Prenatal, Pregnant and Nursing Canines

The Most Significant Factor in a Successful Canine Pregnancy is Diet   The nutritional needs of dogs significantly shift during pregnancy and nursing, resulting in a dramatic increase […]

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Dog Pellets Dog Fed Kibble Pellets In A Bowl

Dog Pellets: Implications For Pet Health

The Industrial Revolution’s Impact on Our Food Chain and Its Unsettling Consequences for Pets   The transformation ushered in by the Industrial Revolution has profoundly impacted our ancestral […]

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Omega 3 For Dogs Mackerel Fish Laying On Ice

The Benefits of Giving Your Dog Fish Oil Supplements

The Known Benefits of Giving Your Dog Fish Oil   Fish oil is more than just a popular dietary supplement for humans; it also holds many health and […]

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Bone Broth For Dogs Beef Bone Broth In A Pot

Searching For The Best Bone Broth For Dogs?

Navigating Dog Nutrition: The Superior Benefits of NutriFlex Meal Topper and Bone Broth   Every devoted dog owner understands the critical role that superior pet food plays in […]

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Nutriflex: The Ultimate Dog Collagen Supplement For Your Pet'S Joint Health

The Best Dog Collagen Supplement for Pet Joint Health 

Natural alternative joint supplement recommended for long-term use NutriFlex Dog Collagen – The Ultimate Natural Joint Supplement for Your Pet’s Health As pet owners, our top priority is […]

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6 Reasons Why Dogs Need Collagen In Their Diet

6 Reasons Dogs Need Collagen in their Diet

Collagen is the most prevalent structural protein in an animal’s body. Is your pup getting enough collagen in their diet? If not, they could be missing out on […]

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Natural Alternative Dog Arthritis Supplement

Discover the Benefits of Omega-3 For Dogs (Fish-Free)

Omega-3 For Dogs  Chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse and an excellent source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids. odourless, tasteless, fish-free alternative Omega-3 joint-support and immune booster Chia, […]

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High Protein Dog Food Recipe

What is The Best Home Made Food For Dogs?

What is the Best Home Made Food for Dogs? The “real food” revolution is here! Informed pet owners are making BIG CHANGES to their pets’ daily diet. Home […]

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Gelatin For Dogs And Cats

4 Interesting Benefits of Gelatin For Dogs

Benefits of Bovine Gelatin For Dogs and Cats If you’re a pet owner looking to incorporate some natural health solutions into your pet’s routine, gelatin should be at […]

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Nutriflex Collagen Joint Health Supplements For Pets

Pet Nutrition Supplements South Africa

Home – Pet Nutrition Supplements South Africa Our Story “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France Hector Chief Inspiration Officer […]

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