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    Navigating Dog Nutrition: The Superior Benefits of NutriFlex Meal Topper and Bone Broth


    Every devoted dog owner understands the critical role that superior pet food plays in their furry friend’s life. But what happens when the once-savoured kibble is now a rejected meal? Or when it simply turns stale?


    Such predicaments can ignite a whirlwind of worry for you and your dog. Often, merely substituting the old with adding fresh meat or vegetables to your dog’s meal doesn’t suffice. It’s moments like these when your pup craves a touch more love, a dash more care, and something just a tad more special added to their food.


    Navigating these troubled waters can be a formidable task, especially when your dog follows a specialised diet, perhaps due to grain or soy sensitivities or specific health concerns.


    Hold your breath no longer. Our top pick to tackle this challenge head-on is the NutriFlex Meal Topper – a delicious dog gravy and meaty beef bone broth for dogs. This choice is not a mere whimsical suggestion but a gravy product deeply rooted in nutritional science.


    Our human-grade meaty bone broth for dogs is brimming with superior-quality protein and champions your pet’s nutritional needs. In addition, it ensures your dog isn’t exposed to any potential allergens.


    Unfortunately, the pet food market is brimming with dog gravies and bone broth options that promise nutrition but primarily deliver water, filler and empty calories. This unfortunate reality can bewilder the best of us.


    So, let’s delve deeper into the world of dog meal toppers and explore why bone broth may be the golden ticket to your pet’s nourishment woes.



    Bone Broth For Dogs Dog With Empty Food Bowl



    What Are Dog Food Meal Toppers?


    Dog food toppers serve as nutritious garnishes to your pet’s regular meals, enhancing taste and nutritional content. They are available in diverse types and textures, from dehydrated bone broth powders to ready-mixed gravies.


    Effortless to incorporate into your pet’s diet, you can sprinkle or pour meal toppers directly onto your dog’s food for a more decadent meal experience.


    Whether you’re seeking a remedy for your fussy eater or an avenue to introduce additional vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into their diet, a meal topper is an excellent choice. However, it’s crucial to remember that not all dog food toppers are crafted with equal care and quality.



    Are Dog Gravy Toppers Good For Dogs?


    Gravy meal toppers can benefit your pup, providing a burst of variety and savoury flavours that keep their meal times lively and engaging. They serve as an effective antidote to dietary monotony and supplement nutrients that might be absent from some dog foods. Additionally, these toppers maintain your pet’s hydration levels by necessitating mixing with water, offering a refreshing alternative to plain water.


    However, a word of caution is necessary. There’s a risk that your dog may cultivate an increased tendency towards picky eating. Indulging your dog consistently with these flavourful enhancements might condition them to demand these enticing extras with every meal.



    Dog Food Meal Toppers Health Benefits


    Dog food meal toppers not only tickle your pet’s taste buds but can also provide an array of health benefits, including enhanced hydration, nutritional fortification, gut health support, diet diversification, weight gain assistance, and intervention for picky eaters.


    1. Hydration: is crucial for any living being, and these toppers encourage your pet to consume more water, ensuring optimal hydration.
    2. Extra Nutrients: Packed with an array of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibre, these toppers supplement your pet’s diet with nutrients vital for maintaining vigour and vitality throughout their life.
    3. Diversity: The dietary variety introduced by these meal toppers is a potent tool to combat food boredom, keeping your pet interested and eager during meal times.
    4. Weight Management: These toppers can be a godsend for dogs struggling to gain weight. Palate fatigue often deters dogs from consuming sufficient kibble for weight gain. Toppers can effectively add the extra calories necessary for recovery and your dog reaching a healthy weight.
    5. Picky Eaters: For the stubborn puppies who turn their noses up at regular food, meal toppers come to the rescue. They can deliver the necessary nutrition and calories in an irresistible form, ensuring your pet receives the nourishment it needs.


    Healthy Dog Food Meal Toppers Checklist Before You Buy


    Before embarking on your quest for the perfect healthy dog food topper, consider this concise checklist to ensure a time-efficient and cost-effective search:


    1. Nutritional Value: Ascertain the dog food topper is rich in essential nutrients such as protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.
    2. Quality of Ingredients: The topper should be composed of high-quality, natural ingredients without artificial additives.
    3. Allergen-Free: Ensure the topper does not contain common allergens that might cause adverse reactions in your dog.
    4. Flavour and Palatability: The topper should have a taste and aroma appealing to your dog.
    5. Easy to Use: The topper should be easy to incorporate into your dog’s existing diet.
    6. Brand Reputation: Look for products from reputable brands such as NutriFlex, known for their commitment to pet health and nutrition.
    7. Suitable for Your Dog’s Dietary Needs: If your dog has specific dietary requirements or restrictions, the food topper added to your dog’s diet should align with these needs.

    By following this checklist, you can confidently select a healthy dog food topper for your dog that will delight your pet and contribute to their overall well-being.



    Here is what to avoid:


    “Natural” Flavors: 

    It’s a startling truth that about 90% of substances labelled as “natural” flavours are synthesised from chemicals and preservatives. Often found in processed meats, these mimic genuine animal flavours. If you spot this on a label, inquire about their source and composition with the brand.


    Excessive Carbohydrates:

    Carbohydrates, while an energy source, can pose specific issues when included excessively in a dog’s diet. Dogs are primarily carnivorous by nature, and their bodies are optimised to derive energy from proteins and fats rather than carbohydrates. When a dog’s diet is overly rich in carbohydrates, it can lead to obesity, a condition associated with numerous health complications like diabetes, heart disease, and reduced lifespan.

    This is because any excess carbohydrates the dog’s body doesn’t utilise for immediate energy needs get stored as fat. Moreover, a high-carbohydrate diet can strain the dog’s digestive system as it tries to break down these complex molecules. This can result in gastrointestinal issues like bloating and flatulence. Additionally, specific sources of carbohydrates, such as grains and some legumes, can lead to allergies or sensitivities in some dogs, manifesting as skin problems, ear infections, or digestive disturbances.

    Therefore, while carbohydrates are not inherently harmful to dogs and can be a part of a balanced diet, their quantity and quality must be monitored to ensure they don’t contribute to health issues.



    While it enhances flavour, salt isn’t necessary for your dog’s diet, and excess can prove harmful.


    Yeast Extracts: 

    In many processed foods, yeast extract is a potent flavour enhancer, providing a meaty feel. As a result, it’s frequently used as a substitute for MSG.


    “Herbs and Spices”:

    Herbs and spices is a term that is ambiguously broad, potentially encompassing a myriad of different herbs and spices. The absence of specific disclosure about the individual constituents should cause concern.


    Potassium Sorbate:

    It is a common food preservative, widely used due to its inhibiting the growth of mould, yeast, and fungi. The primary concern regarding potassium sorbate in dog food is its potential to cause irritation. It can irritate the dog’s skin, eyes, and respiratory tract if consumed in large amounts.

    Additionally, it can cause nausea and upset the digestive system, leading to symptoms like vomiting or diarrhoea. It’s always best to opt for natural, preservative-free food for your pet wherever possible.



    Cornstarch, derived from the endosperm of corn kernels, is commonly used as a thickening agent in various food products. While it isn’t inherently toxic to dogs, its nutritional profile and impact on canine health raise several concerns. Cornstarch is a high-glycemic index ingredient, which can rapidly spike blood sugar levels when consumed.

    For dogs, especially those prone to or suffering from diabetes, a diet high in carbohydrates can exacerbate the condition. Secondly, cornstarch is a simple carbohydrate with minimal nutritional value. It offers no beneficial proteins, vitamins, or minerals.

    As such, it contributes mainly empty calories to a dog’s diet, increasing the risk of obesity and associated health issues without providing the necessary nutrients. Additionally, some dogs may develop allergies or sensitivities to corn and corn-derived products, including cornstarch. Symptoms can range from skin irritations and ear infections to digestive issues.


    Stabiliser Gums And Acidity Regulators:

    Stabiliser gums and acidity regulators are additives frequently used in the food industry to modify texture, prevent separation, and maintain the pH of food products. Stabiliser gums, such as carrageenan, xanthan gum, and guar gum, are known to potentially cause digestive issues in some dogs. These issues can range from mild bloating and gas to more severe conditions like inflammation of the gut lining, altered gut flora, and even chronic diarrhoea.

    Acidity regulators, on the other hand, alter the pH balance of food to prevent spoilage and maintain flavour. While some are naturally occurring substances like citric acid, others are synthetic chemicals. These may not be harmful in small amounts, but consistent exposure over time might lead to health issues, especially if your dog has a sensitive digestive system.

    Additionally, certain acidity regulators can contribute to urinary problems by affecting the pH balance of your dog’s urine. As a general rule, it’s best to limit the number of additives in your dog’s diet, opting instead for natural, whole foods whenever possible. Dogs, like humans, thrive on a diet free from unnecessary chemicals and additives.



    These substances prolong the shelf-life of foods, but it’s crucial to check for any potential harmful effects.

    When selecting pet food, it’s crucial to scrutinise the ingredient list and understand what each component entails for your pet’s health.



    Unleashing the Power of Bone Broth: The Ultimate Dog Food Topper


    Bone broth reigns supreme as the best food topper for dogs, thanks to its numerous health benefits and natural, palatable qualities.


    Firstly, bone broth is rich in essential nutrients that dogs require for optimal health. It contains a high concentration of bioavailable proteins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, which are crucial for bone health, muscular development, and numerous metabolic processes.


    Secondly, bone broth is a natural source of collagen and gelatin. Collagen is vital for joint health, while gelatin aids digestion by binding to water in the stomach, helping food move through the gut more easily. This can be especially beneficial for dogs with digestive issues.


    Thirdly, bone broth is a powerful hydration tool. Its enticing flavour encourages dogs to consume more liquid, which is beneficial for kidney function and overall hydration, especially in warmer climates or for dogs who are reluctant drinkers.


    Lastly, bone broth is a great appetite stimulator. Bone broth can make meals more appealing and palatable for picky eaters or dogs recovering from illness, ensuring your dog gets the nutrients they need. In sum, bone broth is an appetising addition to your dog’s diet and a potent nutritional supplement that can enhance your pet’s overall well-being.



    Superior Canine Nutrition: Unveiling the Benefits of NutriFlex Gravy Bone Broth for Dogs


    NutriFlex beef gravy bone broth for dogs stands at the pinnacle of canine nutrition. This human-grade bone broth for dogs is an excellent reservoir of collagen protein and readily absorbable electrolytes designed to amplify your pet’s hydration. Unlike many alternatives that are low in protein and laden with unnecessary fillers and processed additives, NutriFlex beef gravy bone broth for dogs stands apart.


    With a minimalist approach to ingredients, NutriFlex guarantees a clean, high-quality bone broth for your dog devoid of unwanted nonsense and empty calories. Each serving is packed with 65% protein, derived from human-grade natural ingredients, and produced in human food safety-certified facilities placing it head and shoulders above any other dog gravy or bone broth for dogs on the market.


    The NutriFlex bone broth for dogs and meaty gravy meal topper presents itself as a simple and practical means to augment your pup’s meals with savoury beef bone broth gravy. The preparation is a breeze:


    • Just add one level scoop of bone broth powder to 20-40ml of hot water.
    • Let it stand and thicken for five minutes.
    • Stir and serve the gravy warm as a treat or pour directly onto your pet’s dry or wet food.


    Remarkably economical at less than R5 per serving, NutriFlex beef gravy bone broth for dogs also boasts shelf stability for the utmost convenience, especially during travels. The benefits of this bone broth meal topper extend across all life stages of dogs. It provides a rich, nutritious energy boost, enhances skin and coat health, soothes digestion, and bolsters joint mobility and comfort.

    NutriFlex bone broth for dogs is a comprehensive nutrition solution that acknowledges and caters to the diverse needs of your canine companion.



    NutriFlex Bone Broth For Dogs: What We Love Most:


    • 100% Human-Grade Ingredients
    • Grass-fed bone broth concentrate produced from slow-cooked meaty beef bones
    • 68% Protein
    • Natural source of vitamins and minerals
    • Vitamin B Complex
    • Sourced and made in South Africa
    • Hydrating Electrolytes
    • Low sodium at 0.5 mg per serving
    • Prebiotics
    • High Fibre
    • Grain and Gluten Free
    • Sugar-Free
    • No additives or fillers
    • Preservative-Free
    • Non-GMO
    • Hypoallergenic



    Alleviating Canine Digestive Issues: Harnessing the Power of Bone Broth and Gelatin in NutriFlex Meal Topper


    The prime choice for dogs battling unsettled tummies is undeniably bone broth. This natural remedy uses the amino acids glycine, proline, glucosamine, and glutamine, each renowned for their potent gut-healing properties, particularly in addressing leaky gut issues.


    Coupling these amino acids with gelatin, a substance known for promoting digestive health and soothing the gastrointestinal tract, you’ve got an exceptional kibble topper and natural bone broth that’s appealing to your dog’s palate and instrumental in alleviating tummy troubles.


    An ideal solution for dogs grappling with digestive upset is the NutriFlex Meal Topper bone broth for dogs. This superior formulation melds the healing power of bone broth, naturally rich in amino acids like glycine, proline, glucosamine, and glutamine, with the soothing properties of gelatin.


    These nutrients synergise to create an excellent bone broth food topper that enhances the appeal of your dog’s meal and serves as a potent remedy for digestive discomfort. NutriFlex bone broth meal topper’s unique blend effectively tackles tummy issues, making it a top-tier choice for maintaining your pet’s gut health.



    Embrace NutriFlex: A Leap Towards Enhanced Canine Health and Nutrition


    In the world of pet nutrition, NutriFlex Bone Broth Gravy Powder for Dogs stands unrivalled. This potent blend of high-quality protein, essential amino acids, and gut-soothing gelatin elevates your dog’s meals and health.


    Whether addressing digestive issues, enhancing hydration, or simply making mealtime more enticing for a picky eater, NutriFlex is the solution. Make the choice today that champions your dog’s well-being. Choose NutriFlex, and let your pet experience the difference.


    NutriFlex stands at the forefront of holistic pet nutrition and is dedicated to elevating the health and well-being of pets across the globe. Our dedicated team of veterinarians, nutritionists, researchers and animal lovers brings together cutting-edge science, innovation, and care to deliver effective, scientifically validated natural alternative pet supplements that make a genuine difference. NutriFlex is more than just a brand; it promises to provide your cherished pets with the premium nutrition they rightfully deserve. Trust NutriFlex because we recognise that your pets are more than just pets—they're family. Their health and longevity are our priority and passion.
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