Beef Bone Broth For Dogs

Give your pup the ultimate good food dining experience.

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Unleash a world of nutrition and flavour with our delicious dog gravy meal topper!

Our human-grade meaty beef bone broth for dogs is packed with collagen protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, transforming every meal into a flavour-packed powerhouse of energy and vitality.

No more bland and boring meals—our savoury, slow-cooked bone broth from meaty beef bones, combined with gelatin, prebiotic fibre (konjac) and nutritional yeast for a natural vitamin B boost, will entice even the pickiest eaters with its irresistible aroma and taste.

Convenient and nourishing – mix with hot water to create the ultimate mealtime experience and pour over your pet’s food for a nutrient-packed flavour explosion.

So say goodbye to empty calories, unwanted preservatives, synthetic vitamins, artificial flavours, and colourants.

Say hello to a nutritious meaty beef bone broth for dogs that tastes amazing and is crafted to boost your pet’s health and wellness.

Suitable for dogs and savvy cats with chicken meat allergies: NutriFlex Beef Meal Topper is free from chicken meat and chicken derivatives.

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Meaty Beef Bone Broth For Dogs 180g Meal Topper Powder Concentrate

Suitable for pets of all breeds and ages (from 8 weeks). Makes up to 3.6 litres of liquid bone broth for dogs (60 servings)


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The Ultimate Pairing for NutriFlex Maintenance and Advanced Joint Supplements

As devoted pet parents, we constantly seek the most exceptional care and nutrition for our beloved dogs. Look no further! NutriFlex Gravy Meal Topper for dogs is the mouthwatering and nutritious enhancement your dog's diet has been missing, expertly formulated to synergise with NutriFlex Maintenance and Advanced Joint Supplements. Together, this unbeatable combination delivers a total solution to elevate your dog's overall health and joint function to new heights.

Proudly South African-owned and made in Cape Town.

  1. Increased protein and nutrient intake: With 68% protein, essential amino acids, and collagen, NutriFlex Gravy Meal Topper provides a balanced source of nutrients to support overall health and vitality.
  2. Enhanced energy and activity: NutriFlex Gravy Meal Topper can help dogs maintain higher levels of energy and activity by transforming meals into a powerhouse of energy and vitality.
  3. Improved skin and coat health: The collagen and other skin-beneficial ingredients in NutriFlex Gravy Meal Topper can help promote skin and coat health.
  4. Aroma and flavour appeal: NutriFlex Gravy Meal Topper’s irresistible aroma and flavour can make even picky eaters more excited about mealtime.
  5. Convenient and nourishing: Mixing the product with hot water and pouring it over your pet's food is a quick and easy way to add flavour and essential nutrients to a meal.
  6. No unwanted preservatives, synthetic vitamins, artificial flavours, and colourants: NutriFlex Gravy Meal Topper is hypoallergenic and free from unwanted preservatives, synthetic vitamins, artificial flavours, and colourants, providing a healthier and more natural option for pet owners.
  7. A happier, healthier, more active life for dogs: By providing a balanced source of nutrients and enhancing energy and flavour, NutriFlex Gravy Meal Topper can help support your dogs’ overall health and happiness.
  1. 68% dietary protein
  2. Hydrating electrolytes (sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium)
  3. Wholefood source of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals
  4. Rich source of collagen
  5. Prebiotic fibre for improved digestive and microbiome health
  6. Wholefood source of B Vitamins (energy and vitality, immune support, nervous function)
  7. Human-grade recipe
  8. Hypoallergenic
  9. Savoury, slow-cooked bone broth from organically farmed, grass-fed, meaty beef bones
  10. Nutritious ingredients like gelatin, nutritional yeast, and konjac root (prebiotic fibre)
  11. Ideal for enticing picky eaters
  12. Perfect for hiding supplements and medication
  13. Perfect warming in-between-meal treat
  14. Convenient and nourishing
  15. FREE from gluten, grain, soy, dairy and GMOs
  16. NO unwanted preservatives, synthetic vitamins, MSG, artificial flavours, or colourants
  17. Low sodium (20mg per serving)

Mix with hot water and pour over your pet's food for a nutrient-packed flavour explosion.

LEVEL SCOOP = 3 grams

Add one part Meal Topper powder (one level scoop) to one part hot water (20-60ml).

Adjust the amount of water as per your dog's preference.

Stir vigorously to dissolve.

Leave to stand and thicken for five-ten (5-10) minutes.

Stir before serving warm as a treat or pour directly onto dry or wet food — ONCE OR TWICE DAILY

1 LEVEL SCOOP (3g) PER 15kg Pet Weight (60 Servings per 180g pack)

It makes up to 3.6 Litres

Dehydrated Beef Bone Broth Concentrate • Gelatin • Glucomannan (Konjac Root Prebiotic Fibre) • Nutritional Yeast (Wholefood Vitamin B Complex) Caramelised Carrot.

Other Ingredients: None

Our guarantee is simple: 100% human-grade ingredients produced in a human food facility, and never any empty calories, unwanted fillers, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Your pet deserves only the best, and that's exactly what we deliver. With superior, pure ingredients sourced from nature, you can trust that your furry friend is getting the support they need for a long, happy, and active life.

You can trust us to provide your beloved companion with the highest quality and safety standards.

Dog Gravy Meal Topper For Pets - Liquid Bone Broth For Dogs

Give Your Dog the Nutrition and Flavour They Deserve.

That's why NutriFlex Gravy Meal Topper is a perfect choice. Not only does it promote healthy cartilage, tissues, bones, joints and tendons, but it's also a long-term preventative measure to sustain mobility and prevent age-related issues. Made with 100% human-grade ingredients, this simple recipe features the delicious flavour and aroma of grass-fed bone broth slow-cooked from meaty beef bones that your pet will love.

Moisture (g, max) 5 -
Calories (kCal, min) 340 10
Protein (g, min) 65 2
Glycaemic Carbohydrates (g, min) 18 0.5
Total Fat 1.7 0.05
Fibre (g, min) 15 0.5
Sodium (mg, max) 20 0.6
Vitamin B Complex (g, min) 16 0.5

100% Natural Ingredients: Rich Source of ProteinSugar-Free • Gluten Free • Grain Free • Low Sodium • Virtually Fat Free

NO UNWANTED: Cornstarch, Glucose, Artificial Flavours, Artificial Colourants, Sensory Additives, Acidifying Agents, Yeast Extract, Stabilisers, Vegetable Oils, GMOs or Preservatives

8 Benefits of Bone Broth For Dogs

Pet parents who are conscientious about their dog’s health and well-being often look for ways to provide additional nutrition. Including bone broth in a dog’s diet is a nutrient-rich supplement that offers various benefits, provided it is part of a complete and balanced diet.

1. Liver Health and Detoxification

Dogs often have a voracious appetite and may consume toxic substances. Their liver is responsible for breaking down these toxins to keep them healthy. Bone broth can support liver health by providing high amounts of amino acids like glycine, which can help remove toxins that accumulate in the dog’s body.

2. Immune Boost

Bone broth contains essential nutrients that can enhance a dog’s immune system, helping them fight diseases and hypersensitivity reactions. Bone broth can also benefit dogs who need to take a break from solid food due to stomach upset or diarrhoea.

3. Healthy Skin and Coat

Collagen is an essential protein in a dog’s skin and coat. As dog's age, their collagen production may decrease. However, bones naturally contain an abundance of collagen, and adding bone broth to a dog’s diet can help them maintain youthful, healthy skin and coats that can protect them from harsh environmental factors.

4. Joint Support

Bone broth is a nutrient-rich liquid packed with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients for strengthening and repairing joints. Additionally, the collagen in bone broth contributes to joint health, mobility and stability.

5. Digestive Health

Leaky gut syndrome can result in nutritional deficiencies and allow substances such as yeast, toxins, and undigested food particles to leak out of the gastrointestinal system. It can cause food sensitivities and allergies. Adding bone broth to a dog’s diet can provide the necessary nutrients and help soothe and repair the gut lining for improved digestive health.

6. Source of Essential Minerals

Bone broth is not only packed with minerals crucial for canine nutrition, such as magnesium, calcium, sulfur, silicon, and phosphorus, but it's also a rich source of bone broth vitamins essential for maintaining overall health in dogs. These minerals and vitamins play an essential role in supporting the nervous system, heart health, muscle contractions, sleep, and hydration of dogs, making bone broth an invaluable addition to their diet.

7. Fight Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can cause severe diseases in dogs, including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancer, and canine dementia. Bone broth contains amino acids like glycine and arginine, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, adding bone broth to a dog’s diet can help lower inflammation and prevent these chronic diseases.

8. Increased Hydration and Appetite

Bone broth is a flavourful liquid that can help hydrate and nourish a dog, particularly if they have an upset stomach or diarrhoea. Additionally, bone broth-enhanced food may stimulate the appetite of senior dogs who have lost interest in eating. Dogs that are sensitive to certain foods may also be able to tolerate bone broth since it is low in allergens.

NutriFlex Meaty Bone Broth Gravy Meal Topper For Dogs

Why Choose NutriFlex Dog Gravy Bone Broth Meal Topper?

1. Entice Your Picky Eater


Perfect for picky eaters who need that extra nudge to clean their bowls or for those who crave something extra to liven up their meals, our delicious all-natural meaty bone broth gravy offers just the solution.

With its irresistible aroma and flavour, this liquid bone broth for dogs is a surefire way to give your dog more of what they love. Rich in nutrients and made from the finest ingredients, it's not just a treat but a healthy addition to their diet.

2. Hide Supplements or Medication


Administering supplements or medication to your dog can be challenging, especially if your dog dislikes taking pills.

Our quick and easy-to-use beef gravy powder meal topper, inspired by the nutritious qualities of broth for dogs, can make pill time a breeze for you and your pet.

Simply mix the powder with water to create a delicious beef gravy or broth that not only enhances mealtime but also cleverly disguises the taste of the medication, ensuring your dog receives their necessary supplements without any fuss.

3. Make Delicious and Nutritious Bone Broth Treats


Create delicious homemade treats with our easy-to-prepare gravy powder, perfect for making bone broth for dogs. Freeze the broth into ice cubes for a refreshing and hydrating snack.

Confidently serve your pet our meaty bone broth gravy, knowing it's a human-grade, safe alternative packed with the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your dog needs.

4. Improve Hydration


Mix a scoop or two of gravy meal topper powder with water to make a nutrient-packed flavour explosion that rivals the best liquid bone broth for dogs.

Pour over dry Kibble or serve as a warming and nourishing in-between-meal treat.

You can even add this delicious liquid bone broth to your dog’s water bowl to encourage your pet to drink more, ensuring they stay hydrated.


Feeding Guide

NutriFlex Holistic Healthcare Nutritional Supplements For Dogs, Cats and Horses



Add 20-60ml* Water


NutriFlex Joint Supplements For Dogs and Cats and Horses

PET WEIGHT: 16-30kg


Add 40-120ml* Water


NutriFlex Joint Supplements For Dogs and Cats and Horses

PET WEIGHT: 31-45kg


Add 60-180ml* Water


NutriFlex Joint Supplements For Dogs and Cats and Horses



Add 80-240ml* Water




How Many Times a Day Should I Give My Dog Bone Broth?

A standard serving of bone broth for a dog is typically around 29ml (one fluid ounce) of broth for every 4.5kg (10 lbs) of body weight. Therefore a single serving for a 45kg dog is 295ml (ten fluid ounces). Your dog can safely consume up to two servings per day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can buy NutriFlex Gravy Meal Topper, a specialised dog gravy that transforms bland meals into nutrient-rich, flavorful feasts. Expertly formulated by an animal nutritionist this product is made from human-grade ingredients, and features slow-cooked bone broth from meaty beef bones, gelatin, nutritional yeast for vitamin B complex, and prebiotic fibre from konjac. Mix with hot water and pour over your dog's food for a natural boost in taste and nutrients, free from artificial additives.

Collagen and bone broth powder are popular supplements derived from animal sources, typically used for their potential health benefits. However, there are some critical differences between the two:


Collagen powder is a more refined product, primarily collagen protein. It is derived from animal connective tissues, such as bones, skin, and cartilage. Collagen is a structural protein that plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of skin, hair, nails, joints, and bones.

On the other hand, bone broth powder is made by simmering animal bones and connective tissues in water for an extended period. The resulting broth is then dehydrated and turned into a powder. This natural concentrate contains collagen, other proteins, minerals (calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus), and compounds like chondroitin and glucosamine.

Health benefits:

Collagen and bone broth powder support joint health, skin elasticity, and gut health. However, bone broth powder may offer additional benefits due to its broader nutrient profile, which includes minerals and other compounds not found in collagen powder.

Solubility and taste:

Collagen powder for pets is typically odourless and tasteless, allowing it to be easily mixed into various pet foods and drinks without altering their flavour. In contrast, bone broth powder for pets has a more pronounced taste reminiscent of meat or bone broth. It features an irresistible aroma and flavour, making it a perfect fit for recipes where a meaty and enticing flavour is preferred.


Collagen powder undergoes more processing to isolate the collagen protein, whereas bone broth powder is made by simmering and dehydrating the bones and connective tissues, retaining a broader range of nutrients.

In summary, collagen powder is a more refined and specific product that provides the body with collagen protein. In contrast, bone broth powder offers a broader nutrient profile, including collagen, all 20 amino acids (including tryptophan), vitamins and minerals.

Bone broth, a stock liquid created by simmering animal bones at low heat for an extended time, is generally safe for dogs. Rich in minerals and vitamins, bone broth provides valuable nutrients without the risks associated with giving cooked bones to your dog, which can be dangerous and cause choking hazards.

When selecting a bone broth for your dog, ensure it contains natural, dog-friendly ingredients. Some commercially available options may have additives for preservation and taste, like onions, garlic, or salt, which can harm your pet. A product like NutriFlex Gravy Meal Topper for Dogs is specially formulated for pets, providing a safe and nutritious bone broth alternative tailored to their needs.

Store-bought beef broth intended for human consumption is not recommended for dogs, as it often contains high levels of salt, preservatives, yeast, artificial flavour and colours, which can be common allergens for your pet. Instead, consider using a product like NutriFlex Gravy Powder Bone Broth Meal Topper for Dogs, specifically designed for pets, ensuring a safe and healthy option.

Follow these simple steps to create homemade bone broth for your dog:

  1. Place raw or cooked bones in a large pot or slow cooker.
  2. Add enough water to cover the bones by at least 5cm.
  3. Add a splash of apple cider vinegar to help extract the nutrients from the bones.
  4. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer for 24-48 hours. The longer it cooks, the more nutrients are extracted.
  5. Once cooked, strain the liquid through a fine-mesh sieve to remove the bones and any solids.
  6. Allow the bone broth to cool, then refrigerate it. The fat will rise to the top and solidify, making it easy to remove.
  7. Store the bone broth in the refrigerator for up to a week, or freeze it for up to six months.

IMPORTANT: While homemade bone broth is full of healthy bone marrow, cooked bones are incredibly dangerous for dogs. Please save yourself a trip to the emergency room and make sure no small bones escape your notice.

For dogs up to 15 kg, serve one level scoop of Gravy Meal Topper bone broth powder dissolved in 20-40ml* of hot water once or twice daily.

For dogs up to 30 kg, serve two level scoops of Gravy Meal Topper bone broth powder dissolved in 40-80ml* of hot water once or twice daily

For dogs up to 45 kg, serve three level scoops of NutriFlex Gravy Meal Topper bone broth powder dissolved in 60-120ml* hot water once or twice daily

For dogs 45kg+, serve four level scoops of NutriFlex Gravy Meal Topper bone broth powder dissolved in 120-240ml* hot water once or twice daily

*Adjust the amount of water as per your dog's preference. Within reason, there is no limit to the amount of water that can be added.

While bone broth can provide many benefits for dogs, there are some potential side effects to be aware of:

  1. Upset Stomach: Dogs not used to bone broth or have sensitive stomachs may experience diarrhoea, vomiting, or other digestive issues. It's essential to introduce bone broth gradually and in small amounts to prevent digestive upset.
  2. High Sodium Levels: Bone broth can be high in sodium, which can be a problem for dogs with certain health conditions such as kidney disease or heart disease. Choosing low-sodium options like NutriFlex Bone Broth Gravy Meal Topper (0.6mg sodium per serving) is essential, or making bone broth at home with minimal added salt.
  3. Choking Hazard: If the bone broth is not strained properly, it may contain small bone fragments that can pose a choking hazard for dogs. Always make sure to strain the broth thoroughly and remove any bone fragments. NutriFlex Bone Broth, Gravy Meal Topper, is safe and guaranteed free from bone fragments.
  4. Calcium Imbalance: Bone broth can be high in calcium, which can cause an imbalance in your dog's diet if given in excess. Too much calcium can lead to kidney stones or other health issues. Monitoring the amount of bone broth to ensure a balanced diet is essential. Choosing low-calcium options like NutriFlex Bone Broth, Gravy Meal Topper (<0.05mg calcium per serving) is essential.
A standard serving of bone broth for a dog is 29.5 ml of broth for every 4.5 kg of body weight. Therefore, a single serving for a 45 kg dog is 295 ml. Your dog can enjoy up to two servings per day.

When it comes to feeding bone broth to your dog, it's essential to ensure it's safe for them to consume. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid giving your dog bone broth that contains onions or garlic, as these can be toxic to dogs.

  • Look for bone broth that is low in sodium, as high sodium levels can harm your dog's health.

  • Avoid bone broth that contains artificial ingredients, such as colours or flavours, as these can cause digestive issues or allergic reactions.

  • If you make your own bone broth, strain it thoroughly to remove any bones or bone splinters your dog could ingest.

Choosing a safe, hypoallergenic option like NutriFlex Bone Broth Gravy Meal Topper is a convenient and easy way to ensure your dog gets all the benefits of bone broth without any harmful ingredients. NutriFlex Bone Broth, Gravy Meal Topper, is guaranteed free from onions, garlic, and bone splinters, making it a safe and healthy addition to your dog's diet.

Bone broth can be a helpful remedy for dogs with diarrhoea. The easily digestible nutrients in bone broth can soothe your dog's digestive tract and help prevent dehydration, a common concern with diarrhoea in dogs. However, it's essential to ensure your dog drinks plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

If you're considering using bone broth to help your dog's diarrhoea, choose a high-quality, low-sodium option like NutriFlex Bone Broth Gravy Meal Topper for Dogs and savvy cats without any harmful additives or preservatives. Homemade bone broth can also be a great option, as you can control the ingredients and cooking process.

Bone broth is a gentle and soothing meal that can help settle upset stomachs in dogs and cats. It's also a nutritious and delicious way to add moisture and flavour to dry food and can be especially helpful for dogs with reduced appetites.

Made from slow-simmered bones and other healthy ingredients, our dog gravy bone broth powderPlease is packed with essential nutrients like collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin that support joint health, skin and coat health and overall well-being in dogs.

Whether you're looking for a tasty meal to help your dog recover from an illness or want to add variety to their diet, bone broth is an excellent choice. Please be sure to choose a high-quality, low-sodium option without harmful additives or preservatives.

Make bone broth at home for the freshest and most customisable option, or choose a trusted brand like NutriFlex Bone Broth Dog Gravy Meal Topper for added convenience.

NutriFlex Meal Topper Bone Broth Gravy is low in sodium, containing less than 8mg per serving, making it a potentially suitable option for dogs with kidney disease who typically need a low-sodium diet. While bone broth can sometimes be high in sodium and minerals, NutriFlex dog gravy is expertly formulated by animal nutritionists to be lower in sodium. Nonetheless, it's crucial to consult your veterinarian before adding any new food or supplement to your pet's regimen, especially if they have existing health conditions like kidney disease.

NutriFlex Collagen For Dogs, Cats and Horses

NutriFlex Holistic Pet Health Supplements are the Cat's Whiskers!

At NutriFlex, we’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of food safety and nutritional integrity – you won’t find any bulking agents, unwanted preservatives, dyes, or artificial ingredients of any kind in our products.

These principles have cemented NutriFlex as the first choice among discerning pet parents, solidifying our position as South Africa's premier holistic pet supplement brand.


Certified Human-Grade Pet Products

Unlike most pet products, which are farm feed-grade, NutriFlex premium pet health supplements are certified human-grade products.

We produce them from globally sourced human food-grade ingredients in our state-of-the-art Cape Town facilities, which are accredited for human food safety standards by FSA and GMP.

This translates to an unequivocally higher level of ingredient quality and safety standards, like what you'd demand from your own food.


100% Natural Ingredients

Our products contain absolutely no nasties. This means no GMO ingredients, synthetic vitamins, unwanted preservatives, fillers, by-products, hormones or pesticides.

Vet Recommended
Clinically Validated Health Benefits
100% Active Ingredients
100% Natural Ingredients
Certified Human-Grade
Suitable and Safe for Human Consumption
Zero Fat / Carbohydrates / Cholesterol
Just Sprinkle Over or Mix with Food
Excellent Warm Water Solubility
Zero Empty Calories
Full of Good Stuff — Free From Bad Stuff
NO Bulking Agents
NO Unwanted Fillers
NO Added Sugar (Maltodextrin)
NO Added MSG
NO Artificial Flavours
Wheat FREE
NO Artificial Sweeteners
NO Added Salt
NO Dyes
NO Preservatives
NO Chemicals
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NutriFlex Collagen For Dogs, Cats and Horses. Vet-Recommended Natural Joint Support.