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    Dog Joint Care: Treat Dog Joint Issues With Reliable Supplements


    Dog joint care is paramount – especially with ageing pets already living long lives. If your fur baby is experiencing pain or mobility issues, damage to the joints and cartilage has probably already sadly occurred. Joint supplements have been proven to reduce and help manage existing symptoms whilst preventing further deterioration. NutriFlex is a South African first — a next-generation natural range of anti-ageing, collagen “bone broth” protein powder joint care that combats these problems head-on.


    As your canine companion grows older, it is not uncommon for them to acquire joint issues. Those people with more senior dogs may also become aware of the fact as their dog develops arthritis, which leads to joint pains and stiffness. This is where NutriFlex comes to the rescue with a joint supplement range with natural active ingredients that can change Fido’s future. Unfortunately, in some cases (and breeds), many dogs can develop joint issues long before they show the telltale signs. We recommend talking to your vet about joint health and arthritis as early as possible, as many supplements are safe for dogs to take from 8 weeks of age. Prevention is always better than a cure, as they say.


    If you have a family member or friend who suffers from osteoarthritis, you might have heard of glucosamine and collagen. These are common joint issue supplements used to alleviate pain and inflammation due to the deterioration of joint cartilage.


    NutriFlex Collagen joint supplements act the same way for your pets and will help them stay active and agile well into their golden years. If you start them off with these supplements at an early age, you will likely be able to use this natural preventative care against any future joint issues or painful arthritis. This will not only save you from costly vet bills and potential heartache, but it will also save them from potential long-term and damaging side effects.


    Your furry friend offers so much love and companionship that you want to have that relationship for as long as possible. Dogs are a massive part of our lives, and we want to do everything to give them the best and healthiest life possible.


    While we can’t prevent all diseases with a miracle cure, we can make simple changes to how we care for our pets that will significantly impact how long and comfortable their lifespan is. Our aim with this article is to help you identify the potential causes of your dog’s joint pain issues and then assist you in improving their mobility and comfort with the correct supplements and treatments available.




    How Do You Take Care Of A Dog’s Joints?


    In the past, it has been challenging to determine which supplements are best for each different type of dog or joint issues problem. This is why it is also important to discuss symptoms with your veterinarian so you understand the symptoms of canine arthritis and gauge which are the most effective supplements for your animal and what to look for in commercial nutritional products for your dog.


    Certain dogs are at a far higher risk of developing joint problems due to their breed, size, activity level, or previous illness or injury. This is why it is also important to talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s history, activity, and diet, as well as to gain more information on their overall risk level.


    As discussed above, some dogs begin to have joint issues before fully grown. If you have a dog predisposed to joint issues like hip dysplasia or osteoarthritis, it would be to your dog’s benefit to begin a regular joint supplement earlier in life. Here is a quick list of some simple ways to ensure your dog receives adequate join care:


    A Healthy Diet Goes A Long Way: Starting your dog on a healthy diet can make a world of difference for their future.


    Regular Exercise is Important: Frequent exercise will help your pet stay active and subsequently healthy.


    Schedule Regular Vet Examinations: Regular trips to the vet will help you stay on top of any underlying health conditions and make it much easier to spot and treat any sudden illness.


    Keep An Eye On Certain Habits: Keep an eye on your dog and changes in habit. If your pet usually takes the stairs like a champ but suddenly refuses to try, it could be a sign of joint pain or other overlooked injuries.


    Consider Joint Supplementation: Collagen joint supplementation is a great way to ensure your dog stays healthy and comfortable for longer. NutriFlex dog joint care supplements are here to help you give your pet the best chance at a long, pain-free life.


    Dog Joint Care: What Causes Joint Pain In Dogs?


    Osteoarthritis — a degenerative joint disease — is a common progressive arthritis that affects one in four dogs. This is the most common cause of joint pain in dogs. Osteoarthritis causes the cushioning between joints to break down, leading to pain, inflammation, and loss of movement.


    Although any dog can develop osteoarthritis, some breeds of dogs are indeed at higher risk than others. The other risks can be one or a combination of these factors; Obesity or being overweight; Middle-age dogs and senior dogs; A history of fractures or ligament injuries; Poor nutrition; Inherited joint disorders, such as hip and elbow dysplasia; Repetitive stress from athletic activities like agility, dog shows and Frisbee or a history of previous illness that affects the joints, such as Lyme disease.


    It has been proven that some dog breeds are more susceptible to joint issue problems, especially larger breeds. Numerous studies have shown that certain breeds are more prone to joint problems caused by one or more of the following: The structure of the dogs’ bodies; Joint angles based on your dog’s breed; Breeding of closely related dogs for certain physical breed traits (commonly referred to as inbreeding) and overbreeding of some dogs due to breed desirability, which is a major problem in some cases.


    Other studies have shown that dog breeds at higher risk of ligament rupture include Rottweilers, Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers.


    Hip and elbow dysplasia, which are most often a genetic issue, are more common in some large and giant breed dogs. These can include breeds such as Saint Bernards; Great Danes; German shepherds; Rottweilers; Mastiffs; Boxers; Huskies; Golden retrievers, and Labrador retrievers.


    This is not to say that you will have joint issues if you have one of these breeds. It merely means pinpointing some of the factors and breeds that might be more at risk than others and stating why the benefits of joint supplements are so important for dogs.


    What Do Vets Recommend For Dog Joints?


    We at NutriFlex, strive to provide vet-recommended alternative joint-care solutions. Collagen is the most abundant protein in an animal's body. It acts like scaffolding whilst providing structural support and stability to their muscles, bones, tendons and more. This is why you should add NutriFlex collagen to your furry friend’s daily regime.


    An incredible fact is that a massive amount of 30% of the total proteins in dogs', cats' and horses' bodies are collagen, which plays an essential role in keeping them healthy over time. The role of collagen helps everything, from maintaining strong muscles to aiding digestion. As our companion grows older, they produce less collagen, inevitably leading to problems such as joint discomfort or mobility issues appearing quickly. Our triple-action joint support supplements will help your beloved fur friend live a comfortable, happy life.




    Do Joint Supplements For Dogs Really Work?


    Replenishing your pet's body with a daily serving of collagen provides vital nutrients to help support their long-term health and wellness. NutriFlex collagen for dogs, cats and horses is formulated with human-grade natural ingredients sourced from nature. By keeping them active through all stages of life, you can enjoy many wonderful years together – naturally!


    The depletion of healthy collagen in every animal's body is, unfortunately, a sad but natural part of the ageing process. The good news is that this does not mean it has to be gone forever. Lost collagen can easily be replaced through dietary intake. The earlier collagen is added to your dog’s diet, the more likely it is to combat the degenerative effects of ageing, giving your dog a more active, happier and healthier life for longer.


    Joint Supplements For Dogs Can Make A World Of A Difference


    Collagen also makes up 70% to 90% of every pet’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments, proving just how important it is and that the integrity of their joints depends upon its presence. As muscles and connective tissues loosen and become more brittle with age, dogs become much more susceptible to injuries, joint stiffness, mobility issues and discomfort. A daily dose of NutriFlex can help promote joint mobility, improve muscle strength and prevent injury.


    NutriFlex also offers mobility and a joint-support complex for senior animals, helps improve bone strength, promotes healthy joints, rejuvenates and repairs lean muscle and aids recovery following injury or surgery.


    What Is A Natural Remedy For Dog Joints?


    Just like our own immune systems, a dog’s immune system plays a vital role in fighting infection and disease and supporting general health and well-being. Joint issue supplements contain anti-inflammatory compounds and other nutrients and vitamins that work to strengthen this immune system. Our products are scientifically formulated and packed to the brim with naturally occurring joint nutrients, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals – allowing you to give your pet a comfortable life naturally.


    Dog Joint Care: NutriFlex Is Here To Help




    With all of the above potential threats outlined, one can now understand just how vital a role these types of supplements play for your Furry Friend. So don’t waste any time scooping up some reliable NutriFlex supplements and get your dog on the path towards a long and prosperous life.



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