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NutriFlex stands at the forefront of holistic pet nutrition and is dedicated to elevating the health and well-being of pets across the globe.

Our dedicated team of veterinarians, nutritionists, researchers and animal lovers brings together cutting-edge science, innovation, and care to deliver effective, scientifically validated natural alternative pet supplements that make a genuine difference.

NutriFlex is more than just a brand; it promises to provide your cherished pets with the premium nutrition they rightfully deserve.

Trust NutriFlex because we recognise that your pets are more than just pets—they're family. Their health and longevity are our priority and passion.

Joint Supplements For Dogs Disabled Dog In Pram

From Struggle to Strength: Petals Inspiring Journey

Meet Petal: The Pup Defying Age and Circumstances   Today, we’re shining a spotlight on an extraordinary canine, Petal, who is quite unbelievably full of the infectious energy […]

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Joint Supplements For Dogs Black Labrador Harley From Cape Town

Harley: Labrador Hip Dysplasia Recovery

Meet Harley: Harnessing the Power of NutriFlex Joint Supplements For Dogs When our black lab, Harley, was diagnosed with early onset hip dysplasia at just four years old, […]

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Nutriflex Collagen For Horses And Ponies


STRAWBERRY’S STORY Straight From The Horses Mouth Name: Strawberry NutriFlex MAINTENANCE NutriFlex Keep horses active for life. Naturally “Strawberry” and Tom Ro Haven recommends NutriFlex anti-ageing collagen for […]

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Teddy Loves Nutriflex Anti-Ageing Pet Collagen


TEDDY’S STORY straight from the horses mouth Name: Teddy (11) NutriFlex MAINTENANCE Collagen is the most abundant protein in every pet’s body, supporting muscles, bones, joints, digestive tract, […]

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Nutriflex Natural Joint Supplement For Dogs And Cats


ARCHIE’S STORY straight from the horses mouth Name: Archie (8) NutraFlex ADVANCED NutraFlex Keep Pets Active For Life. Naturally. “Archie” recommends NutraFlex Anti-ageing pet collagen matrix with naturally […]

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Jakkals And Jinx Love Nutriflex Advanced Pet Collagen

Jakkals & Jinx: Best Collagen For Pets

JAKKALS & JINX’S STORY Straight From The Horses Mouth Name: Jakkals Breed: Australian Cattle Dog (10) NutraFlex ADVANCED Active for life. Naturally Name: Jinx (12) Breed: Labrador NutraFlex […]

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Dog Joint Supplement Dog Swimming Tokai Forest

Meet Donna: Improved Mobility and Increased Appetite

Our older (14 years) Golden Retriever-Swiss Shepherd mix, affectionately named Donna, has reaped remarkable benefits from the daily inclusion of NutriFlex Advanced Joint Collagen in her meals.   […]

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Dog Supplements For Skin Sylvia Italian Greyhound

Hair Loss to Health Shine: Silvia’s Skin Recovery

I’m eager to share my experience as I believe anyone with a pet suffering from severe skin conditions should contemplate this product before incurring extensive veterinary costs and […]

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Juliet Beagle Takes Nutriflex™ Advanced


JULIET’S STORY straight from the horses mouth Name: Juliet (5) NutriFlex ADVANCED Active For Life. Naturally Juliet and Junior “Juliet” recommends NutriFlex Advanced I bought the first tin […]

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Nutriflex™ Hello Happiness With Purdey The Dog


PURDEY’S STORY Straight From The Horses Mouth Name: Purdey (11) NutriFlex ADVANCED NutriFlex Keep pets active for life. Naturally “Purdey” recommends NutriFlex Advanced Joint Support for pets I […]

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Nutriflex™ Hello Happiness With Pancake The Cat


PANCAKE’S STORY straight from the horses mouth Name: Pancake (9) NutriFlex MAINTENANCE NutriFlex Keep Pets Active For Life. Naturally9) “Pancake” recommends NutriFlex anti-ageing collagen supplement for cats and […]

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Our Story — Nutriflex™

Validated NutriFlex Customer Reviews

NutriFlex Customer Reviews STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH To provide you with a better understanding of NutriFlex’s effectiveness, we have collected genuine user reviews. Knowing what others have […]

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