Hair Loss to Health Shine: Silvia’s Skin Recovery

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    I’m eager to share my experience as I believe anyone with a pet suffering from severe skin conditions should contemplate this product before incurring extensive veterinary costs and prescription medications.

    Dog Supplement For Itchy Skin Italian Greyhound

    My seven-year-old Italian Greyhound, Silvia, gradually developed a severe skin condition. It manifested as patches of hair loss coupled with flaky, dry skin spread across her body.

    I was introduced to NutriFlex Everyday Maintenance Pet Collagen and wasted no time starting her on it. I include half a scoop of this supplement in her food each day.

    Within a week, I began to notice her skin showing signs of healing. A month later, there’s no trace of dry skin patches or redness, and her hair has fully regrown.

    Dog Supplement Italian Greyhound Itchy Skin Hair Loss

    NutriFlex Everyday maintenance Collagen: 10 Days later

    Dog Supplement Italian Greyhound With Healing Itchy Skin

    NutriFlex Everyday maintenance Collagen: 20 Days later

    Dog Supplement Italian Greyhound Itchy Skin Healed Glossy Coat

    Silvia’s skin and coat condition has dramatically improved. She appears more youthful, her skin is smooth to the touch, and her coat boasts a healthy shine.

    Natasha S. Johannesburg