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How to prevent Glyphosate absorption and toxin buildup in dogs, cats and horses

Glyphosate (Roundup®) is a widely used herbicide linked to many types of cancer and a lengthy list of other health problems. It’s everywhere, and it’s almost impossible to avoid.

Recent studies have linked the widely-spread herbicide glyphosate, commonly known as Roundup®, to various types of cancer and health issues.

The good news is that you're already lowering your dog's glyphosate exposure if you feed your dog a raw or gently cooked diet. Unfortunately, commercial pet food often contains high levels of glyphosate - 660 ppm in kibble or pellets versus just five ppm for raw diets. 

So what can we do to protect them from this danger?

The answer is simple: add more Glycine!

Glycine is a naturally occurring essential amino acid and the building block of life. Once Glycine enters the bloodstream, it travels to different parts of the body, where it then helps create proteins, support digestion, form muscle tissue, and provide energy to cells. Its importance to your pet's overall health cannot be understated; Glycine plays an integral role in developing physical and mental health.

Can Glycine offset Glyphosphate?

Did you know that your pet's body can be tricked into absorbing the toxic chemical glyphosate instead of its natural companion, Glycine? Researchers have revealed a startling truth: during protein synthesis, our pets' bodies can mistake this herbicide for Glycine, resulting in its accumulation in various tissues and organs.

Supplementing your pet's diet with additional Glycine can help reduce the absorption of glyphosate, thus minimising their exposure to this harmful toxin and boosting your pet's natural defence mechanisms.

Sources of Glycine

Glycine is in many foods, like legumes, meat, dairy, poultry, eggs and fish, plus veggies like spinach, cabbage or kale. But the highest concentrations of Glycine are found in collagen and bone broth.

NutriFlex joint supplements formulated with hydrolysed collagen are an exceptionally rich source of bioavailable amino acids. One serving daily is a great way to give your best friend the Glycine they need to keep them healthy and prevent the build-up of cancer-causing toxins.

Give your pup the edge to stay healthy with NutriFlex joint supplements! Formulated with hydrolysed collagen powder, these supplements are an optimal source of bioavailable amino acids and Glycine - essential for preventing cancer-causing toxins from building up. Just one serving daily can make all the difference; give your pup the best chance of staying safe and healthy by choosing NutriFlex today!

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  1. Verified ReviewVerified review - view originalExternal Link

    Our Yorkie showed dramatic improvement in his mobility within 2 weeks of using Nutriflex.

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    My 17 yr old JR acting like a puppy again, this after 2 months use. Would definitely recommend.

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    All my 5 Senior Rescue Dogs are doing very well on the product

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    Nutri-Flex has helped ease the stiffness of my Labbie’s arthritis.

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    I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my dogs, particularly an old Maltese with a ruptured cruciate ligament.

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    Absolutely brilliant, my Pit was diagnosed with arthritis in his rear legs. After using Nutriflex advanced for 6weeks now his mobility has improved and he’s got back his goofy sense of humour. Well done guys, my boy will definitely remain on your product.

  7. Verified ReviewVerified review - view originalExternal Link

    My senior 11 year old cat has become a teenager again .This product has manage his stiff joints quite well , highly recommended for senior pets .

  8. Verified ReviewVerified review - view originalExternal Link

    Love the product! We are so greatful our dogs is living their lives to the fullest.
    I appreciate the special you have cause I have two big teenager furry babies. Thank you for your care.

  9. Verified ReviewVerified review - view originalExternal Link

    Wonderful product. Gave my doggie a new lease on life

  10. Verified ReviewVerified review - view originalExternal Link

    Excellent product! Our german shephard could hardly walk when I discovered this product and just two weeks after starting on the advanced mobility she is running around without any issues!

  11. Verified ReviewVerified review - view originalExternal Link

    Best value for money and 1 tin has lasted 2 months already, whereas what you buy from the vet is expensive and only lasts a month. It has changed Smirnoff life!

  12. Service and product is great as usual

  13. Service as always is great as is the product

  14. We noticed improvement right away

  15. Easy ordering and fast shipping considering how far it’s going.

  16. Excellent service – easy to use website, easy payment choices, quick delivery, neatly packaged products.

  17. Good product healthy coats on all of the dogs

  18. This is a great product

  19. Great service as ever

  20. Works well for our yellow lab

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