's NutriFlex Recommendation

Unlock mobility, agility, comfort and vitality with an advanced type 2 collagen powder matrix with MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitin Sulphate and vitamin C.
ADVANCED JOINT SUPPORT for senior dogs and cats and animals of all ages suffering from joint stiffness, mobility issues, discomfort, skin conditions or recovering from strenuous exercise, illness or surgery.
100% active (human-grade) ingredients from nature.

Kick-start with a double dose

is new to NutriFlex so we recommend doubling the dose, to begin with, as 's natural reserves have most likely run down. This 'loading time' will help you fast track the benefits for .
's Daily Maintenance after 14 Days* (giant breed)

Recommended daily amount:

10 grams (two-level scoops)
's First 14 Days (Loading time*)

Recommended daily amount:

20 grams (four-level scoops)

*Loading time is optional

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