Terms and Conditions of NutriFlex Reseller Program

Welcome to the NutriFlex Reseller Program, which allows you to generate an automatic income by simply sharing and advertising our products.

This Program allows you to make our products known to your contacts and or users and earn a commission on sales at the agreed percentage of 15% (excluding VAT) of the users (NutriFlex Buyer) FIRST order total and ALL future orders at the rate of 10% (excluding VAT).

The sum of money owed to you is instantly credited to your NutriFlex Reseller Account.

This text has to be held as an additional part of NutriFlex General Terms and Conditions, and everything defined in there has to be held as valid. In case of inconsistencies between the two, the Terms and Conditions of NutriFlex Reseller Program will prevail.

To fully understand how “Becoming a Reseller" works, payments and further information on the Program please 

Definition of the Terms

User, in these Terms and Conditions, is any subject browsing the Internet and visiting the NutriFlex website using a reseller link.

Buyer refers to any user that has purchased www.nutriflex.co.za.

Reseller is any person adhering to NutriFlex Reseller Program and subject to these Terms and Conditions. Any reference to you, your, yours, has to be held as a reference to the reseller.

NutriFlex is the author of this document, and any reference in this document as we, us or our should be held as referred to NutriFlex.

Becoming a NutriFlex Reseller

Here you will discover how the NutriFlex Reseller Program works.

For each user coming to www.nutriflex.co.za using a link you have shared or a banner you have advertised, you can earn a commission equal to the agreed percentage on the purchase price of the product(s) bought by that user.

From your Reseller Dashboard on www.nutriflex.co.za, you will receive a reseller link (or referral link) that will be automatically generated from your account. You can share the link on social media or via email, paste it on your website, use banners with that link, and advertise it on your website.

Any of your users coming to our store using your reseller link and purchasing any product in our store will grant you a commission on the purchase.

Reseller Commission Percentage

NEW Users (Buyers)

The reseller percentage for NutriFlex products is set to 15% of the purchase for any NEW Buyer. So, for example, if a new user (buyer) reaches us through your link and buys a product that costs R495, (R430.43 excluding VAT) your commission is R64.56 (15% of the product purchase price R430.43 excluding VAT).

Repeat Users (Buyers)

The reseller percentage for NutriFlex products is set to 10% of the purchase for any REPEAT Buyer. So, for example, if a user (buyer) returns to our store and buys a product that costs R495, your commission is R43.00 (10% of the product purchase price R430.43 excluding VAT).


We use cookies to track users that reach our store using your reseller link (or referral link). If your users do not allow or clear cookies, we will not be able to track your reseller link, and therefore, we will not be able to pay you the commission.

You should also be aware that cookies are available for 30 days. If your users visit our store, but only purchase after the cookie has expired, you cannot be entitled to commission anymore.

Validity of Right to Commission

To be entitled to a commission, users that buy through your reseller link must not be related to you or to your company.

To be entitled to a 15% commission, users that reach our website shall neither have visited it before, nor have a NutriFlex account.

Sharing exclusive promotions does not generate any reseller commissions.

Commissions: Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the buyer has come to www.nutriflex.co.za by following two different reseller links, my reseller link and another person’s one?

If users come to our store through multiple reseller links, the first one they access is held as the only one deserving the commission. For example, if one of your users reaches our store through your link first, then again through the referral link of another reseller, and only then purchases, you will be entitled to the commission for that purchase.


Minimum threshold

Each commission you earn is credited to your NutriFlex account, so you allow us to pay commissions to you and credit them to your account. You can request the credit payment in your NutriFlex account once you reach the minimum amount of R500.

Payment methods

NutriFlex keeps your earnings safe until you request payment. Unless we decide to pay your earnings before, they will be kept safe for you until we receive your payment request.

Upon receipt of your payment request, you will receive an EFT payment notification by the 15th of the month. If the 15th happens to be a weekend or public holiday, you will receive a payment notification the first following working day available. 

When submitting your payment request, we will ask you to enter your correct information. This information will automatically generate an invoice where the reseller declares to receive the payment of the requested amount. Then, we will make payment by EFT (electronic fund transfer) to your nominated South African bank account.

Payments: Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria do I need to meet for commission earnings payments?

First, you need to reach the minimum threshold of R500 in commissions.

Will my earnings automatically be paid when I reach the minimum threshold of R500?

No, your earnings will only be paid after reaching the minimum threshold of R500 and only if you make a payment request from this page in your NutriFlex reseller account.

Keeping your earnings

If we cannot pay your earnings for any reason, because we do not have the correct payment information or because we cannot contact you using the contact details provided, we will keep them safe. We will also keep your earnings safe if we have attempted to pay to a person or an institution and cannot facilitate it for any reason, including legal or banking restrictions.


All commissions (earnings) and payments are made in South African Rands (ZAR).


If any purchases related to your reseller earnings are subject to refund or chargeback, we can, at our discretion, withdraw the related commission from your reseller earnings.


Protection of Users

  • You cannot do any act that could be confusing, misleading or deceptive for users, inter alias, or confuse them about the fact that your website is managed or authorised by NutriFlex (e.g., emulating graphic elements from our website).
  • Our trademarks, domains and intellectual properties are the property of NutriFlex, and you cannot use them.
  • You cannot purchase a domain name, search engine keywords, pay-per-click advertisements that use our trademarks or any possible variation of them, nor use texts describing our products unless you receive our official consent.
  • You cannot act against users in any form of law violation, including spam, privacy, intellectual property violations, fraud, confusing actions for new users, or links purposely made to deceive customers.
  • You cannot act in any way that is in direct or indirect infringement of NutriFlex Terms and Conditions, nor behave in any way that does not conform to our standards.

Fairness policy

We reserve the right to decide whether or not your use of the Reseller Program complies with NutriFlex Reseller Program Terms or with NutriFlex Terms and Conditions. 

Entirely at our discretion, we may decide that your participation in the Reseller Program does not comply; after official communication, we can withdraw your earnings and may disable your account.

NutriFlex Reseller Program is subject to a fairness and integrity policy that must be respected and entitles NutriFlex to consider revising for each unfair reseller.

If you have any questions, you can always write to us here.