Lakato Veterinary Wholesalers – Johannesburg

Find the best natural joint health solutions for pets at Lakato Veterinary Wholesalers in Johannesburg. As a NutriFlex supplier, they offer our top-rated joint health supplements to ensure your furry friend lives a happy, active life.
Veterinary wholesalers are critical in distributing NutriFlex vet-recommended natural alternative joint supplements for dogs, cats, and horses. By providing veterinary clinics and animal hospitals access to NutriFlex products, veterinary wholesalers help make these natural and effective joint health supplements more widely available to pet owners. With the support of veterinary wholesalers, NutriFlex can reach a wider audience and help even more pets live happier, healthier lives with improved joint health and mobility.


Unit 10 Droste Industrial Park -Girder Road, Benrose
Johannesburg -Gauteng
2011- South Africa

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