FloraMax Prebiotic and Probiotics for Dogs and Cats 180g

FloraMax Canine Probiotics Powder with Prebiotics. Designed to Maintain the Natural Balance of Beneficial Gut Bacteria in Dogs. Vet Approved South Africa

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FloraMax daily probiotics with prebiotics are designed to help restore and maintain the natural balance of beneficial gut bacteria in your pet.

FloraMax’s potent yet soothing blend aims to rebalance and provide a nurturing environment for digestive flora, which can be disrupted by various factors.

Each scoop contains two billion CFUs (colony-forming units) of Bacillus Coagulans spore-forming probiotic support. This specific probiotic strain is selected for its potential to help balance gut pH, manage yeast growth, and support the repopulation of the digestive system with beneficial bacteria.

The prebiotics in FloraMax are derived from plant sources. They are designed to block harmful pathogens and nourish the good bacteria that are crucial for your pet’s digestive health and regularity.

Pumpkin, known for its high soluble fibre content, is included to help soothe and regulate your pet’s digestive system.

At the same time, Glutamine, an amino acid, is included and recognised for its role in supporting the regeneration and health of the gut lining.

FloraMax is crafted with minimal hypoallergenic ingredients, focusing on maintaining gastrointestinal health and supporting your pet’s active, happier, healthier life.

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FloraMax Probiotic For Dogs and Cats

Vet recommended for dogs and cats of all ages who suffer from poor or irregular bowel function, diarrhoea, constipation and pets battling a yeast overgrowth.


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The Ultimate Pairing for NutriFlex Maintenance and Advanced Joint Supplements

Discover the ultimate care and nourishment for your cherished canine companions with NutriFlex FloraMax Probiotic Gut Support. This exceptional formulation works in harmony with NutriFlex Maintenance and Advanced Joint Supplements to provide your dog with the comprehensive support they deserve. Experience the unparalleled combination that elevates your dog's wellness and joint performance to extraordinary levels.

NutriFlex FloraMax harnesses the power of carefully selected ingredients to support your dog’s digestive health.

These key components include Pumpkin Fiber, L-Glutamine, Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) Prebiotic, Inulin Prebiotic, and the Probiotic Lactospore®: 

    • Support digestive well-being: FloraMax is formulated to enhance your dog's digestive health by providing a blend of beneficial probiotics. These live microorganisms are selected to help maintain a balanced gut flora, which can be instrumental in aiding food digestion and improving the absorption of nutrients.
    • Immune boosting: FloraMax is designed to support a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in your dog's digestive system. A balanced gut biome is important as it can act as a primary defence against harmful pathogens. By contributing to the strength of the gut wall, FloraMax may help in preventing undesirable bacteria from entering the bloodstream and affecting overall health.
    • Maintain gut flora balance:

      FloraMax is crafted to help maintain a healthy balance of gut flora in dogs, using a strategic blend of prebiotics and probiotics. The prebiotics included, such as Fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) and Inulin, are specifically chosen to nourish and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria, contributing to a thriving gut microbiome. This creates an environment where good bacteria can effectively outcompete harmful pathogens, promoting a balanced gut flora.

      In addition to prebiotics, FloraMax incorporates the probiotic Lactospore®, introducing live, beneficial microorganisms to the gastrointestinal tract. These probiotics work in harmony with the prebiotics, enhancing the gut's defenses and aiding in optimal digestive function. The combined action of prebiotics and probiotics in FloraMax plays a vital role in sustaining a balanced gut environment, which is essential for your dog's overall health and well-being.

    • Manage yeast overgrowth:

      FloraMax is designed to help manage yeast overgrowth in your dog's gastrointestinal tract. It achieves this by promoting a balanced gut flora, creating an environment less conducive to opportunistic yeast proliferation. The inclusion of prebiotics like Fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) and Inulin in FloraMax plays a key role in nourishing and supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria. This support helps maintain an acidic environment in the gut, which is generally unfavourable for yeast overgrowth.

      Additionally, FloraMax's probiotics introduce live, beneficial microorganisms that compete with yeast for resources and space in the gastrointestinal tract. These beneficial bacteria are crucial in strengthening the gut's defences and in creating conditions that are not ideal for yeast to multiply, thereby helping to prevent yeast overgrowth.

      By fostering this balance, FloraMax aims to contribute to your dog's overall gut health and well-being, helping maintain a healthy gastrointestinal environment.


NutriFlex FloraMax: A Natural, Hypoallergenic Choice

NutriFlex FloraMax is committed to providing a healthier, more natural supplement option for pets. It's formulated to be hypoallergenic and is free from unwanted preservatives, synthetic vitamins, artificial flavours, and colourants. This approach makes NutriFlex FloraMax a suitable choice for pet owners looking for a more natural supplement for their pets.

  1. Supporting Pet Digestive Health: FloraMax Natural Prebiotic & Probiotic for Dogs and Cats is crafted to provide comprehensive digestive support. This product features a carefully selected blend of prebiotics and probiotics tailored to help rebalance and nurture your pet's gut flora. It's an effective solution for restoring beneficial gut bacteria that might be affected by various environmental factors or toxins.
  2. Effective Probiotic Blend: The FloraMax formula includes a powerful blend of thermostable and stomach acid-resistant spore-forming probiotics. This composition is designed to ensure that the probiotics remain effective as they pass through your pet's digestive system, providing reliable support for digestive health.
  3. Rich in Beneficial Bacteria: Every serving of FloraMax provides an impressive two billion CFUs (colony-forming units) of Bacillus Coagulans. This high count of beneficial bacteria is key in balancing gut pH, managing yeast growth, and protecting against harmful bacteria by enhancing the population of good bacteria in your pet's digestive system.
  4. Plant-Based Prebiotics: FloraMax's formula incorporates plant-based prebiotics designed to serve a dual purpose. These prebiotics not only work to block harmful pathogens but also nourish the beneficial bacteria within your pet's digestive system. This combination aims to support your pet's overall digestive health and regularity.
  5. Beneficial Pumpkin Fibre: Pumpkin is known for its high soluble fiber content, which makes it an excellent choice for soothing and regulating your pet's digestive system. It serves as a valuable component in promoting digestive health and well-being.
  6. L-Glutamine: L-Glutamine, an essential amino acid, plays a crucial part in the restoration and regeneration of the gut lining, contributing to the overall well-being of your pet's digestive system.
  7. Hypoallergenic Formulation: FloraMax has been meticulously formulated with a minimal number of ingredients to promote and sustain gastrointestinal health in your pet. This hypoallergenic approach is designed to provide your pet with a more natural and balanced diet, contributing to a potentially more active, happier, and healthier life.
  8. Transparent Ingredient Listing: FloraMax is committed to transparency in its ingredient listing. We provide a clear and comprehensive list of all our ingredients, and you won't find any hidden additives in our product. This transparency is our promise that FloraMax delivers precisely what your pet needs without any unnecessary extras.
  9. Promoting Bowel Regularity: Regular use of FloraMax may help in promoting consistent and healthy bowel movements in your pet. This can be beneficial in reducing discomfort and potential health issues associated with irregularity.
  10. Suitable for Both Dogs and Cats: FloraMax is a versatile and safe supplement suitable for both dogs and cats. This makes it a convenient one-stop solution for promoting and maintaining digestive health in all your beloved furry companions.

LEVEL SCOOP = 3 grams

For best results, sprinkle or mix one part water to one part (one level scoop) FloraMax powder for puree and add directly onto dry or with wet food — ONCE OR TWICE DAILY

DOGS: 1 LEVEL SCOOP (3g) PER 10kg Pet Weight (60 Servings per 180g pack)

CATS: 1 THIRD LEVEL SCOOP (1g) PER 10kg Pet Weight (180 Servings per 180g pack)


IMPORTANT: Give FloraMax at least two hour apart from antibacterials.

NutriFlex FloraMax Ingredients: Pumpkin Fibre, L-Glutamine, Fructo-oligosaccharide Prebiotic, Inulin Prebiotic, Probiotic Lactospore®

Other Ingredients: None

Our guarantee is simple: 100% human-grade ingredients produced in a human food facility, and never any empty calories, unwanted fillers, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Your pet deserves only the best, and that's exactly what we deliver. With superior, pure ingredients sourced from nature, you can trust that your furry friend is getting the support they need for a long, happy, and active life. You can trust us to provide your beloved companion with the highest quality and safety standards.


How do I know if my pet needs probiotics?

Determining whether your dog or cat requires probiotics depends on various factors, including their health status, diet, and lifestyle.

Here are seven common signs and situations that may indicate your pet could benefit from a probiotic supplement like FloraMax:

1. Digestive Issues:

If your pet experiences recurrent diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence, or vomiting, it could indicate an imbalanced gut flora. Probiotics can help restore balance and alleviate these symptoms.

2. Veterinary Antibacterial Treatment:

When pets undergo antibiotic treatment, it's important to consider the impact on their digestive health. Antibiotics, while effective against harmful bacteria, can also affect the natural balance of gut microbiota by impacting beneficial bacteria. Adding probiotics to your pet's routine during and after treatment can be beneficial. Probiotics, like NutriFlex FloraMax, are designed to help replenish and support the population of beneficial gut bacteria. For maximum effectiveness, it's recommended to administer NutriFlex FloraMax probiotics to your dogs and cats at least two hours before or after the antibiotic treatment. This timing helps ensure that the probiotics can work effectively without being affected by the medication.

3. Yeast Overgrowth:

Yeast overgrowth, typically caused by Candida, is a common culprit behind foul-smelling dogs. An imbalance of bacteria in your dog's gut can manifest as bad breath and unpleasant body odour, indicating the need to address their gastrointestinal health. Restoring a balanced gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria can help improve your dog's overall well-being.

As food decays in the digestive system, sulfur and sulfites accumulate, leading to foul breath and foul-smelling stools. To tackle these issues, it's crucial to maintain a healthy gut environment for your pet, promoting proper digestion and preventing the buildup of undesirable compounds. By supporting your dog's gut health with FloraMax probiotics, you can alleviate bad breath, body odour, and other symptoms associated with bacterial imbalances and yeast overgrowth.

4. Stressful Events:

Situations such as moving, travelling, or boarding can induce stress in dogs and cats, negatively impacting their gut health. Probiotics can help maintain gut balance and support overall well-being during these challenging times.

5. Dietary Changes:

A sudden change in your pet's diet can cause temporary digestive upsets. Probiotics can help ease the transition and promote a balanced gut microbiome.

6. Weak Immune System:

If your pet is older, sick, or always stressed, probiotics can help boost their well-being.

7. Skin Problems:

An imbalanced gut can sometimes manifest as skin issues, such as itching, excessive shedding, or hot spots. Probiotics can help address the root cause by promoting a healthy gut microbiome.

Choose The Right Probiotic: The Power Of Prebiotics


Achieving optimal gut health for your pet hinges on the symbiotic relationship between probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria, need nourishment to thrive; this is where prebiotics play a crucial role. Prebiotics are soluble, indigestible fibres that serve as the essential fuel source for probiotics.

Unfortunately, many probiotic supplements available in the market overlook the inclusion of these vital prebiotics. This omission can diminish their effectiveness, potentially causing your pet to excrete them without reaping the full benefits.

When selecting a probiotic supplement for your furry friend, it's essential to opt for one that contains prebiotics, such as NutriFlex FloraMax, or is crafted with prebiotic-rich ingredients. Look for natural prebiotics like dandelion, burdock, larch arabinogalactan (from the larch tree), and inulin (derived from chicory root). These components provide nourishment for beneficial gut bacteria and enhance probiotics' effectiveness, ensuring optimal gut health for your cherished pet.

4 Benefits of FloraMax Probiotics For Dogs and Cats

FloraMax provides several advantages for pets, positively impacting their overall health and well-being. Here are four key benefits:

1. Enhanced Digestive Health

FloraMax's pre- and probiotic formula is designed to help maintain a balanced gut microbiome in pets. A well-balanced gut can be crucial for optimal nutrient absorption and may contribute to smoother digestive processes.

Including FloraMax as part of your pet's diet can support their digestive health, potentially aiding in managing common issues like diarrhoea, constipation, and bloating.

2. Support Immune Health

FloraMax is formulated with ingredients that aim to support a healthy gut flora in dogs. A well-balanced gut microbiome is thought to play a role in the functioning of the immune system. By contributing to gut health, FloraMax may help support your dog's natural defences against infections and diseases.

3. Manage Yeast Overgrowth

FloraMax is designed to help maintain a balanced gut environment in pets. This balance can be key in managing yeast levels, including preventing overgrowth by opportunistic yeast such as Candida species. FloraMax may contribute to controlling yeast proliferation by supporting a healthy gut microbiome.

4. Improved Skin and Coat Health

FloraMax is formulated to support a balanced gut microbiome, which can benefit your dog's skin and coat health. A healthy gut may help in reducing common skin issues in dogs, such as itching, excessive shedding, and the occurrence of hot spots.

NutriFlex Meaty Bone Broth Gravy Meal Topper For Dogs

Why Choose NutriFlex FloraMax?

1. Comprehensive Digestive Support

FloraMax differentiates itself by offering a blend of both prebiotics and probiotics, aiming to provide a more complete approach to pet gut health. This dual-action formula is crafted to introduce beneficial probiotics and include prebiotics that help nourish and support the existing gut microbiome. The goal is to ensure a holistic support system for your pet's digestive health.

2. Natural Ingredient Selection

FloraMax is formulated using a selection of naturally derived ingredients, chosen for their potential to safely and effectively support your pet's health. This focus on natural components is part of FloraMax's commitment to providing quality health supplements for pets.

3. Integration with Joint Supplements

FloraMax is crafted to complement NutriFlex Maintenance and Advanced Joint Supplements, aiming to provide a well-rounded health regimen for your dog. This specific formulation supports gut health and works in conjunction with joint care supplements, offering a holistic approach to your dog's overall wellness and joint functionality.

4. Supporting Dogs at Every Age

FloraMax is designed to be suitable for dogs in all stages of life, from playful puppies to cherished seniors. This supplement aims to provide consistent gut support throughout the different phases of your dog's life.


How many scoops of FloraMax does my pet need per day?

supplement daily serving for small breed dogs and cats





supplement daily serving for medium breed dogs





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FloraMax probiotics for dogs powder concentrate is expertly crafted with a potent blend of naturally occurring beneficial probiotic microorganisms, specifically tailored for dogs and cats.

This powerful supplement is designed to colonise the developing gut or restore equilibrium to an upset gastrointestinal tract. By doing so, FloraMax concentrate supports the mechanism of competitive exclusion, effectively limiting the proliferation of potentially harmful bacteria and promoting your beloved pet's overall health and well-being.

FloraMax can be a helpful aid in addressing diarrhoea in dogs by promoting a balanced gut microbiome and supporting healthy digestive function.

The beneficial probiotics in FloraMax work to restore equilibrium within the gastrointestinal tract by competing with harmful bacteria and fostering the growth of beneficial bacteria.

This process may contribute to enhanced gut health and a reduction in diarrhoea episodes.

However, it's important to recognise that diarrhoea can stem from various causes, including dietary changes, infections, and underlying medical conditions.

While FloraMax can assist in optimising gut health and managing diarrhoea related to imbalances in gut bacteria, consulting with a veterinarian is essential to pinpoint the root cause of your dog's diarrhoea and receive appropriate treatment recommendations.

FloraMax can play a beneficial role in addressing constipation in dogs by promoting a balanced gut microbiome and supporting healthy digestive function.

The potent blend of probiotics in FloraMax facilitates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, improving intestinal motility and softening stools, making them easier to pass.

However, it's crucial to understand that constipation can arise from various factors, including dehydration, inadequate fibre intake, or underlying medical conditions.

Therefore, consulting with a veterinarian is essential to identify the underlying cause of your dog's constipation and receive personalized treatment recommendations.

FloraMax can be a part of a comprehensive approach to address constipation, but it should be used in consultation with a veterinary professional.

Indeed, FloraMax can assist in alleviating itchiness in dogs.

Imbalances in the gut microbiome are a frequent cause of itchiness in dogs, as they can result in inflammation and allergies.

FloraMax contributes to promoting a healthy gut environment and enhancing the immune system by offering a well-balanced combination of prebiotics and probiotics.

The timeframe for observing noticeable results with FloraMax may vary based on individual dogs and the specific concern being addressed.

Pet owners can generally anticipate improvements in their dog's gut health, immune function, and overall well-being within a few weeks of consistent use.

It's essential to recognise that some dogs might respond more quickly to FloraMax while others may require a longer duration to demonstrate visible benefits.

Factors such as your dog's age, diet, existing health conditions, and the severity of the issue being addressed can all influence how long it takes for FloraMax to take effect.

For optimal results, adhere to the recommended dosage and maintain a consistent daily regimen when administering FloraMax.

NutriFlex Collagen For Dogs, Cats and Horses

NutriFlex Holistic Pet Health Supplements are the Cat's Whiskers!

At NutriFlex, we’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of food safety and nutritional integrity – you won’t find any bulking agents, unwanted preservatives, dyes, or artificial ingredients of any kind in our products.

These principles have cemented NutriFlex as the first choice among discerning pet parents, solidifying our position as South Africa's premier holistic pet supplement brand.


Certified Human-Grade Pet Products

Unlike most pet products, which are farm feed-grade, NutriFlex premium pet health supplements are certified human-grade products.

We produce them from globally sourced human food-grade ingredients in our state-of-the-art Cape Town facilities, which are accredited for human food safety standards by FSA and GMP.

This translates to an unequivocally higher level of ingredient quality and safety standards, like what you'd demand from your own food.


100% Natural Ingredients

Our products contain absolutely no nasties. This means no GMO ingredients, synthetic vitamins, unwanted preservatives, fillers, by-products, hormones or pesticides.

Vet Recommended
Clinically Validated Health Benefits
100% Active Ingredients
100% Natural Ingredients
Certified Human-Grade
Suitable and Safe for Human Consumption
Zero Fat / Carbohydrates / Cholesterol
Just Sprinkle Over or Mix with Food
Excellent Warm Water Solubility
Zero Empty Calories
Full of Good Stuff — Free From Bad Stuff
NO Bulking Agents
NO Unwanted Fillers
NO Added Sugar (Maltodextrin)
NO Added MSG
NO Artificial Flavours
Wheat FREE
NO Artificial Sweeteners
NO Added Salt
NO Dyes
NO Preservatives
NO Chemicals
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NutriFlex Collagen For Dogs, Cats and Horses. Vet-Recommended Natural Joint Support.





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